Aviation Runway

Only air delivers care
Boundaries left unseen
Above a tranquil valley
Where life moves on serene

Where am I by gliding high
On currents ever soft?
Sustained by air controllers
On winds that blow aloft

Aloft and High

Once I broach a bold approach
Trusting the glide-slope guage
I am thus committed here
To reach the flaring stage

Fearing lurks in landing quirks
She's steady as she goes
I maintain my steep descent
Gusts are hidden foes

Once I hear the stall horn clear
The runway is below
I let 'er touch so gently
Slowing the air flow

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There's nothing for sale here, nor is there any information about D. Wayne Dworsky's work. Instead, this page is devoted to his interests in aviation. Ever since he was a boy, he admired those flying machines and watched birds and wondered how they soared. It occurred to him that humans are too bulky and too weak to make themselves fly. So, he set out to "build" an airplane. It was a daunting undertaking that spanned his lifetime. During the more serious moments, the shop was always filled with works in their middle, but they never produced a finished product. When he finally became serious enough to design one, he realized that is best left to the design engineers. There is no point in trying to duplicate the Wright Brothers' phenominal effort. And then, he took up flying with a much more prodigious attitude and became a pilot.

But the love of building has never left him and he still strives to this day to design and build. Of course, his stories are filled with adventures that involve building and flying aircraft. That was what happened with Gene Roddenberry. He dreamed of going into outer space. Since he knew that he would never realize his dream. He did the next best thing by imagining them in his stories. Well, you know the rest.

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If you look up in the sky on Long Island's South Shore, you might catch a glimpse of his Piper Cherokee. Several other aircraft obey his rudder commands

  • Piper J-3 Cub
  • Cessna Skyhawk
  • Piper Cherokee
  • Decathlon

Dzenek's Plane

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As a boy, he sat at the edge of the grass at Teterboro in New Jersey to watch the planes take off and land. Fascinated with flight, he decided that he would fly an aircraft.

What is it like to fly in a small aircraft? A better question is, "what is it like to fly a tandom, two-seater, such as a J-3?"

"Imagine being small enough to ride on a kite!" Well, that's what it's like. It's light and agile. You seem more connected to the air the way a bird is.

Flying is the most wonderful sensation; a freedom beyond words. The airplane is like an extension of your own body. This is especially true in a two-seater. You are indeed in command of the sky.

Small or large, the freedom of flight provides flyers with a frame of reference quite different from standing on the gorund looking up. Why wouldn't you want to fly?

Many people have dreams in which they experience images of flight. It must be natural to wonder what it's like to soar.

Piper Cherokee

Piper J-3 Cub

Cessna Skyhawk

Take a ride out to the airport and check out the planes there. Maybe you can book an introductory flight lesson. Then you, too, will know the exhileration you experience once you leave the earth and join those that soar.

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